A Strange Wrestling Match Extra Question Answer Class 6 English

A Strange Wrestling Match Extra Questions with Solutions English Class 6 Chapter 10 A pact with the Sun

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Answer the following questions briefly – I

Q.1. How did Vijay Singh look ?


Vijay Singh looked liked a giant. He was tall.

Q.2. What did people say about him ?


People said that he was a born wrestler. No one could beat him.

Q.3. What did Vijay boast about ?


Vijay declared that he wanted to meet a ghost and fight him.

Q.4. Where could he meet ghosts easily ?


He could meet ghosts in the Haunted Desert. Ghosts roamed about freely there.

Q.5. Why do you think people were scared to go into the Haunted Desert ?


People believed that the ghosts there were very cruel. They looted and killed travellers.

Q.6. What did the old eccentric woman give Vijay Singh ?


The old eccentric woman gave Vijay Singh a small packet. it contained an egg and a lump of salt. The gift appeared to be useless.

Q.7. What did the ghost tell Vijay Singh ?


The ghost said to Vijay, “I am your friend, Natwar, come to me. I’ll show you the way through the desert.”

Q.8. Did Vijay go to the ghost ? What did he say ?


Vijay did not go to the ghost. He said to him, “It is so dark that I cannot see you. Please come to me.”

Q.9. How did Vijay insult the ghost ?


Vijay was bold. He said to the ghost, “You are stupid and wothless. You tell lies. You are not Natwar but a rascal.”

Q.10. The ghost said to Vijay, “Frankly, you don’t appear all that strong to me.” Did he really feel so ?


No. The ghost was scared and speechless. he just pretended that he was not scared of Vijay Singh.

Answer the following questions briefly – II

Q.1. Was the ghost able to squeeze fluid out of the rock ?


No, the ghost pressed the rock hard between his hands. But he could not produce any fluid out of it.

Q.2. Why was Vijay Singh able to squeeze fluid out of the rock ?


Vijay Singh did not squeeze the rock. He squeezed the egg. The egg cracked and yolk oozed out of it.

Q.3. Why did the ghost think that the rock crumbled in Vijay Singh’s hands ?


The egg broke. It produced a crackling sound. The ghost thought that the rock was breaking.

Q.4. How did Vijay Singh get rid of the rock ?


Vijay Singh pretended to clean his hands in sand. He stealthily hid the rock under the sand.

Q.5. Why did the ghost admit defeat ?


Vijay Singh seemed to have crushed rocks with bare hands. This made the ghost believe that Vijay Singh was far more powerful than him. So he accepted defeat.

Q.6. Why did the ghost invite Vijay Singh to his cave ?


The ghost intended to kill Vijay Singh while he was sleep.

Q.7. How did Vijay Singh escaped being killed ?


Vijay Singh left his bed. He put a bolster under the blanket. The ghost put down his club on the bolster. Vijay Singh was not hit.

Q.8. Why did the ghost flee his cave ?


The ghost thought it was not safe to stay with Vijay Singh. He was too scared. He fled.

Q.9. How did Vijay Singh become wealthy ?


The ghost left behind all his ill-gotten wealth. Vijay Singh got it. He became wealthy.

Q.10. Who did Vijay Singh thank for his success ?


Vijay Singh thanked the old woman. She had given him an egg and a lump of salt.

Q.11. Who did Vijay Singh marry ?


Vijay Singh married the grand-daughter of the old woman who had helped him.

Q.12. Why was Vijay Singh able to overcome the ghost ?


Vijay Singh was more intelligent than the ghost. So he overcame the stupid ghost.

Q.13. Why were the travellers no longer troubled in the Haunted Desert ?


There were no ghosts in the Haunted Desert. It was the robber who scared people as a ghost. Now he had run away.

Q.14. What do you learn about ghosts ?


I learn that there are no ghosts. 

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