NCERT Solution for Science Class 7 Chapter 16 – Garbage in, Garbage out

CBSE Science Class 7 Chapter 16 NCERT Solution – Garbage in, Garbage out

  1. (a) Which kind of garbage is not converted into compost by the redworms?

    (b) Have you seen any other organisms besides redworms, in your pit? If yes, try to find out their names. Draw pictures of these.


(a) Plastics bags, tins, bottles, glass, aluminum foils, broken bangles.

(b) Sometimes we do see small insects, bugs, beetles, spiders. Then there are microorganisms too.

  1. Discuss :

(a) Is garbage disposal the responsibility only of the government ?

(b) Is it possible to reduce the problems relating to disposal of garbage ?


(a) No, it is our responsibility also. We should reduce garbage. We should reuse the thing which can be recycled before we throw it.

(b) Yes, it is possible to reduce the problems relating to disposal of garbage by using re – cycleable materials.

  1. (a) What do you do with the left over food home?

    (b) If you and your friends are given the choice of eating in plastic plate or a banana leaf platter at party, which one would you prefer and why?


(a) (i) Preserve properly and reuse.

    (ii) Convert it to some other food preparation and consume.

(b) Banana leaf platter, because

easy disposal

more environment – friendly.

  1. (a) Collect pieces of different kinds of paper. Find out which of these can be recycled.

    (b) With the help of a lens look at the pieces of paper you collected for the above                    question. Do you see any difference in the material of recycled paper and a new                sheet of paper ?


(a) Except plastic paper, all other papers can be recycled.

(b) Recycled paper is more thick and more rough as compared to new sheet of paper.

  1. (a) Collect different kinds of packaging material. What was the purpose for which                 each one was used? Discuss in groups.

    (b) Give an example in which packaging could have been reduced ?

    (c) Write a story on how packaging increases the amount of garbage.


(a) Paper packet – light food items

     Cardboard – crockery

     Plastic covers – cloth, dresses

     Glass covers – show pieces

     Wooden boxes – delicate items

(b) Clothes and dresses.

(c) One day, Rohit wanted to gift a pen to his friend Rina. He bought a nice pen inside a          plastic and paper cover.He then asked the shopkeeper to wrap with shiny papers.              Hence we can see that Rohit could have gifted the pen only. But, he used wrappers            which was of no further use. This packaging increases the amount of garbage.

  1. Do you think it is better to use compost instead of chemical fertilisers? Why?


Yes. It is better to use compost instead of chemical fertilisers.

By using compost, we are reusing our garbage and also compost is eco – friendly.

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