Extra Questions Answers How the Dog Found Himself A Master Class 6 English

Extra Questions with Answers Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 2 How the Dog Found Himself A Master 

Here we, Textual Solution are providing Extra Questions and Answers of chapter How the Dog Found Himself A Master

Very Short Answer Questions (a word/phrase or a sentence)

Q.1. What was dog’s way of life before they chose to find a master ?


They were their own masters.

Q.2. An unhappy dog was sick and tired of…………. 

       (Complete the sentence)


wandering alone to get food and be afraid of stronger animals.

Q.3. What did the unhappy dog decide to do for his safety ?


He decided to become the servant of some very strong creature.

Q.4. Who was the dog’s ‘kinsman’?


The wolf.

Q.5. When did the wolf dashed off into the thick forest ?


On seeing a bear who could kill and eat him up.

Q.6. Why did the dog choose to serve the bear ?


Because the bear was stronger than the wolf.

Q.7. What made the cows moo and run in a panic ?


The sight of a lion.

Q.8. Who did the bear call the strongest beast on earth ?


The lion

Q.9. What made the lion run for cover ?


Man, stronger than anyone on earth.

Short Answer Questions (Answer in 30 – 40 words)

Q.1. Why did the dog look for a master ?


The dog felt alone and unsafe in the jungle. He was tired of wandering alone for food. He was afraid of animals stronger than he. So for company and security, he decided to choose a master.

Q.2. Name the animal that the dog went to first of all ?


The dog happened to meet a big wolf first of all. The wolf was, in fact, his relative.

Q.3. Why did the dog choose to leave the wolf and join the bear ?


Because the bear was stronger than the wolf. And the dog had decided to take up service with the strongest creature on earth.

Q.4. What did the wolf say about the bear ?


“……….. and he (the Bear) might eat up both of us – you and me.” The wolf thus acknowledged that the bear was stronger than it.

Q.5. How did the bear come to know about the presence of the lion nearby ?


The bear heard a terrible noise. The cows were lowing noisily and also running in panic. This was a sure signal of the presence of the lion nearby .

Q.6. Did the dog enjoy the company of the lion ? How long ?


Yes, the dog and the lion walked together for a long time. it was a good life.The dog had nothing to complain of. But his company did not last long. The lion also took to heels on seeing the man. The dog at once accepted man as his master.

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